Carole Guinane, MBA RN CPHQ
Executive Director, ASC Operations 
Cedars Sinai 

2020 NAHQ President 

Carole Guinane was an executive with one of the first six hospitals to implement the Deming Quality Model in Healthcare. Dr. Deming and others were her teachers. She went on to serve as a consultant for Improvement and Innovation on a national/international scale and earned her Black Belt in Six Sigma. She has taught, created, and implemented courseware for leaders, physicians and other stakeholders. She has led quality programs for healthcare systems. Her training includes all of HCA’s quality training models in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, as they were the leader in this movement.  She completed Executive Learning’s training programs at the same time. At Quorum Health Resources, she taught, created , improved, and implemented courseware for all aspects of improvement, innovation, reengineering, and organizational change.  She currently serves as a Competency Commissioner for NAHQ, serves as an instructor for NAHQ and helped create NAHQ's HQ Principles course.

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